Haunting Silence

Last night my husband and I previewed the Martin Scorsese film, Silence. This movie is scheduled to release in America on Friday. It’s a historical drama set in Nagasaki, Japan which recounts the faith story of two 17th century Jesuit priests. Early on during the beginning scenes, these young priests receive word in Portugal that their mentor/teacher has […]

Justice, Peace and the Church

No Justice. No Peace. A friend’s Facebook post has me thinking almost non-stop about this idea, no justice no peace. She didn’t state it that way. What she said was, “Calling for peace when there is no justice is not the solution.” Which sounds much more polite considering the slogan has acquired a reputation synonymous […]

Breaking Down Barriers: Understanding the Needs of Single Parents

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. Winter is finally over. Flowers burst from the ground. The air fills with glorious perfume. It’s as if the whole earth celebrates redemption’s birthday. Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of spring delight with all of our traditions on full display. We romp around with a bounce […]